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quality assurance for your WEBSITE or APP

  • Vulcania Media pays special attention to the user experience. With over 11 years of quality assurance knowledge and a diverse team of engineers, we will  ensure your app or website is working as intended. Our experience with app development in Android and iOS will add the insightful user input you are looking for. You can see a demo of our work at and join the many millions who interact with this platform each month.


  • You will always get what you are looking for with They send out a team of personal shoppers to find the best products for your needs. Vulcania Media  provides insight and feedback to help improve's service so you always get what you are looking for.

Social Media Services

  • Let us work together to build your online brand. Our social media services are offered in a mentoring format. This allows us to focus on the most effective way to engage your audience. 


In 1951. At age 27, a young man decided to take a risk for a chance at a better life. Quinto, the fifth child of a Italian family decided to journey to a new world for a shot at something more. The vessel that started his journey, the S.S. Vulcania delivered Quinto to New York.


Joe Q Carioti seeks to advance the world through innovating technology. Joseph has always sought to help his fellowman navigate the waters of technology. Whether it was fixing his friends computers, giving the world a voice via, delivering industrial grade products to the world during day job as a PC Product Specialist or by entertaining us on a weekly basis through regular podcasting shows. Joe has a drive and a gusto for not only technology but also the automotive industry and producing fresh viable content.



Operations Management

Sarah is an industrious and versatile individual that uses a machete to cut through red tape. When not embodying Cake lyrics Sarah uses her attention to detail and unwavering focus to manage business operations and the executive team at Vulcania. Sarah has degrees from Grand Valley State University in Geology and Political Science.

Sarah is descended from a long line of Detroiters.  She loves to cook, is passionate about the environment and dreams of building a net zero home one day.

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Social Media

Katelyn is known for her unwavering energy and dedication to her passions. Katelyn's career is ingrained in the automotive industry. She also dedicates her time to educating students and youth on automotive opportunities available by working with groups such as MICHauto.

Katelyn is committed to changing the national news coverage of Detroit. As a board member of 313Dlove, she is working to bring the community and positive storytelling together in the city of Detroit. Additionally, Katelyn is the owner of Urban Solstice, a jewelry company that is gaining national attention. Currently Urban Solstice is being featured at Detroit Built, a Made in Detroit store in Soho, NYC which aims to bring exposure to Detroit's makers.



Stephanie enjoys photography and graphic deisgn. Her love for this industry is driven by capturing moments, emotions, and personalities. Stephanie has been involved in numerous photogrpahy projects from portraits, to events, to documenting the progress of art and graffiti around Detroit.

In her free time, Stephanie is an avid yoga enthusiast and rock climber, both of which continually test and teach her patience, balance (mental and physical), and inner strength.




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